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Company Profile

Shenyang Huiyu Vacuum Technics Co.,Ltd.(HYVAC)was founded in 1999.

Since its foundation HYVAC has been one of the leading manufacturer in China of research equipment for analysis of high vacuum applications,and involved in the design and construction of many large scientific projects in China.

HYVAC's greatest assets are many years of experience in vacuum technology and a highly skilled dynamic and ambitious workforce comprising the best specialists, who are characterized by openness to innovation, initiative and creativity. HYVAC is equipped with advanced computerized numerical control machine tools as well as detect instruments. HYVAC has a long and close partnership with many famous institutes or universities in China, such as Modern Physics Institute(CAS),Institute of Semiconductor(CAS),Southwest institute of Physics,China institute on Atomic Energy. Hongkong Baptist University,University of Science and Technology of China,Fu Dan University. etc.,resulted lot of excellent research and developments.

Recent years, HYVAC has been granted 30 patents, witch have created a good economic benefits and social benefits. Many scientific ficilities are originated from HYVAC in China, such as the RF cavity chamber and diagnostic probes of China's first dedicated heavy ion accelerator for cancer treatment built in Lanzhou, the glow-discharge cleaning electrodes electrodes for ITER, and the organic small molecular purification system.

With many years market presence, HYVAC can be proud of some impressive achievements. Its main products, such as accelerator components, beamlines, all kinds of e-beam and magnetron sputtering deposition facilities, refractory metal vacuum melting furnaces(non-self-consumable type) and vacuum purification facilities for organic luminescent materials, are currently helping many of the leading researchers achieve their goals, not only in mainland China, but also in Singapore Hongkong,etc, largely improved the good reputation of HYVAC in domestic and overseas markets.

The Company's success is the result of the highest quality goods and services. A confirmation of quality care and continuous improvement of business processes is having the Certificate of management system ISO 9001:2000. HYVAC upholds the striving for innovation and excellence philosophy, and is willing to cooperate with all the friends to actively promote the science, technology and use of vacuum technology for the better future!

Main products

  • Ultrahigh vacuum field emission facility
  • Organic small molecular purification facility
  • Magnetron sputtering system
  • Vacuum furnace
  • E-beam,ion beam,MBE and thermal evaporation film deposition systems
  • Accelerator assembly
  • Vacuum assembly

Address: No.11#, Tangzi street, Dadong district, Shenyang, China Web: www.syhyzk.com Email: syhuiyu@VIP.163.com
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